Locking on forex – how to save deposit from Margin Call

If you have a large drawdown on the deposit and you want to reduce it and return your money back, then you have a solution - this is forex locking. Right now, lock all your negative orders!

In order to lock, it is necessary that the volume of buy orders be equal to the volume of sell orders. Suppose you have an opened buy order on EURUSD with a volume of 1.5 lots and opened sell order with a volume of 0.5 lots. To lock negative drawdown, you need to open an additional sell order with a volume of 1.0 lot.

Once you are locked your drawdown will not increase from now on and you can safely watch this video to the end to learn how to reduce your locks profitably and additionally make money.

But lets do it step by step …


Money Printer Ultimate EA – probably the most profitable and powerful locking EA in the world!

I want to tell and show (video https://youtu.be/vLe0SrJUddw) my expert adviser, which I created. I use it every day and this is my main expert adviser that helps me make money in the forex market. It has both positive and negative sides and you will learn about everything from this series. But first things first … let's go …


Happy New Year 2020 to all traders!

  • I wish you all success in trading.
  • I wish you to carry out more profitable trades, take yourself stricter - manage yourself!
  • Manage risk and capital!
  • Get stronger and follow your trading rules.
  • Be persistent and consistent in life and trading in financial markets.
  • Become a profitable trader 2020!
  • Gain financial freedom in 2020!


Profitable trend strategy: paired moving averages (MA) + MT4 template

This is a trending strategy and has simple rules for managing risk and capital, so I advise you to study this strategy in more detail and keep it in your portfolio. The strategy works on all timeframes, for this you need to choose the moving averages according to your needs or temperament: aggressive or passive settings of moving averages. The strategy has clear rules for setting stop loss / lock.

If you don’t have time to constantly sit at your computer or constantly get your phone out to monitor the state of the market, then this strategy is right for you!