The first real meeting of Estonian traders – 04.24.2018!

For the first time in Estonia there will be a meeting of local traders in the format of real LIVE trading actions!

In place will be the most successful traders in their field and with their personal and unique trading strategies. We all will trade stocks NYSE, ForEx, cryptocurrency. Everything will happen in a friendly atmosphere, all transactions and also everything that happens will be broadcast LIVE (facebook, google)! We will analyze ideas, patterns, trends and much more. Everyone will tell/explain to others something interesting about their strategy, patterns, risk management and much more. We will discuss the technical and fundamental current situation on the market, will open trades in real time and earn a lot of money!

In addition, we will communicate a lot with other traders in chat and also eat a lot and properly, take a sauna and much more.

If you are also a successful trader and want to get into our crowd of the best traders - write, call.

Here is some photos from this meeting:

Wish you all big profits!

HurtLocker PRO is official representative of ForexTester 3

The company Alliance of Finance OÜ represented by Vladimir Kjahrenov, is the official partner and distributor of the ForexTester 2 and ForexTester 3 software.

The Forex Tester (versions 2 and 3) program is designed for more convenient testing of your strategy or idea. This program is based on MetaTrader.

If you use the MetaTrader4 or 5 terminal for trading and want to expand the testing capabilities, then this program is what you need!

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Best indicator Real Divergence on MACD

I am glad to announce that I have made a personal indicator MACD convergence-divergence.

The divergence indicator shows bullish and bearish divergence for RSI, Stochastic, MACD indicators. The strongest signals is on MACD.

Divergence is the most common and easy to understand. It is believed that the divergence is formed after the end of the movement and shows the likely trend reversal.

The indicator has simple, intuitive parameter settings. You can turn your favorite indicator on or off or turn on all divergence signals at once. Each indicator has its own distinctive color.

The indicator analyzes current price quotes and does not show a divergence in history. The indicator finds the first point, after which the second point searching starts and the process of divergence analysing starts: whether the divergence are formed or not.

The indicator does not redraw. All lines on the chart remain visible, so you can see and analyze all divergence signals for the selected indicators. In the indicator, you can turn on sending messages to a mobile (push-notification), by e-mail or throw out notifications (notification).

Buy an indicator through the codebase system.

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How this indicator works is fashionable to watch on YouTube

I wish you big profits!