Money Printer Ultimate EA – probably the most profitable and powerful locking EA in the world!

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Money Printer Ultimate EA – probably the most profitable and powerful locking EA in the world!

I want to tell and show (video my expert adviser, which I created. I use it every day and this is my main expert adviser that helps me make money in the forex market. It has both positive and negative sides and you will learn about everything from this series. But first things first … let’s go …

I named it MoneyPrinter because of its ability to earn money in very critical situations and with negative drawdown onboard.
This Expert Advisor uses locking technis (in some sources used hedging). This is probably the most profitable and powerful locking robot in the world!
In that context – Powerful means that it can work in flat and trend markets. It easily passes the longest trends, more than 1500 pips, spikes and gaps from 200 pips etc. This EA passes with ease day 24 of june 2016 (brexit vote) on GBPJPY then the pound fell by 2700 pips in one day. Also january of 2015 on USDCHF, then Switzerland frank fell 2000 points in one day.

This Expert Advisor doesn’t use:

  • indicators
  • martingale
  • trend detection: the direction of movement does not matter
  • price action
  • paid or free signals
  • volumes
  • scalping

This Expert Advisor has:

  • 8 years of forex experience
  • simple maths

The Expert advisor uses a unique approach of opening orders, closing orders, following the price and a lot of secret things, which I will not tell you about. This expert advisor is not for sale, so I will not prove that it is the most profitable and that you should buy it! My goal is simply to share with you my way of trading.

The one of the best skills of this Expert Advisor that it can reduce negative drawdown on your trading account. The maximum negative drawdown that you can try to get out is more than -60%! Ofcourse, the amount of time it takes to exit such a big negative drawdown depends on how aggressively you let the expert advisor work. The smaller volume of orders you will work with, the longer time it will take to bring your negative drawdown into positive zone. Also, the larger the negative drawdown mean:

  • the less guaranty that it will reduce drawdown and earn profit or just will save deposit
  • it will take longer time earn profit or save deposit because EA will work with smallest lot

This Expert Advisor is not a guarantee that you can save your deposit and close the negative drawdown in profit, but it gives you the opportunity to try to get out from a negative drawdown! In other words, the expert advisor can try to help you get out from negative drawdown and maybe save your deposit by using unique approaches and strategies. This will not happen during 1 day, even with the most aggressive settings. So don’t wait any guarantee from me! You must be able to wait to get the result.

Look at the example (video on YouTube of how MoneyPrinter will get out from negative drawdown. Before start,

i need to inform you that You should always keep in mind that EA needs a little more money on the deposit to start getting out from negative drawdown.

Let’s look at a situation where you have a huge negative drawdown which is equal to -41%!!! With an additional drawdown of -14%. It has gotten out from a negative drawdown with profit + 11% in 10 days. That is a long time, about 2 weeks (10 working days because the forex market does not open on weekdays). But as you see total drawdown reached -55% with a side income of 11.3%. Why side income? Because getting out from negative drawdown is the main goal and not to earn money in that depressive situation.

Watch another example (same video on the same chart but i change the parameters to less aggressive. At the end i got thuis numbers: maximum drawdown reached -55% and gotten out from drawdown in 8 days with side income almost +4%., so EA had an additional -8% and in the end it had earned +4% and reduced drawdown, which was -41%

Do you think this is luck? Let’s complicate the situation and I will create a situation of several incorrectly opened orders with a total volume of 3.5 lots on 10k depo (that is self kill, believe me!) and let’s lock these orders into a negative drawdown. The distance between the orders will be 200 and 300 points, i.e. almost 500 points. The total drawdown will be -63% !!!! Will the robot manage with such drawdown and can it get out from a negative dropdown ?
Now you can see that this Expert Advisor is very profitable and strong! It managed this task perfectly and additionally earned +11.3% !!!

This is a super result for me, since no EAs on the Internet can boast of such results.

All the rest of the coolest security features I’ll cover in the next video!

Do you have a better EA or idea so e-mail me and let’s discuss! If you have a strategy that you want to implement but don’t know how – write to me and let’s try to make a super EA together.

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