SPECTRE.ai blockchain Binary Options Trading Platform

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SPECTRE.ai blockchain Binary Options Trading Platform

SPECTRE.ai is the world’s first brokerless, financial trading platform with an embedded, autonomous decentralized liquidity pool funded by Pre-launch investors, that acts as a counter-party to all trades.

Spectre.ai is was established in the beginning of 2018. Spectre.ai is focused on transparency and decentralization.

Without having a broker acting as the middleman and often the counterparty of a trade, the Ethereum based blockchain project, SPECTRE.ai raises expectations and the level of security for trading while removing unnecessary risks and conflicts of interest. All transactions are governed by smart contracts, and human intervention is not possible.

The problem with brokers

Generally, brokers are the ones who handle binary-option transactions. Managers, marketers, and other sellers run the platform. Unfortunately, some brokers can rack up traders’ losses without anyone knowing it. But the most outrageous thing they do is refuse to let someone withdraw their winnings.

So, what i did: scroll through posts on trading forums. You’ll find lots of unnerving stories that way. There are binary-option brokers who refuse to let people withdraw their money. They often offer vague excuses or even ignore their requests altogether.

It’s pretty obvious what’s happening, isn’t it? The more money that traders lose, the more money the brokers make. The only reason this can occur is because this type of business is unregulated.

Spectre recognized blockchain’s potential and they constructed a trading platform based on it. An important feature of blockchain is that it’s decentralized technology. The result is a trading platform that offers all the usual benefits. In fact, it’s so much like other platforms that you can’t tell the difference. This platform gives you complete access to all major currencies. Users can access specific cryptocurrencies, too. Also, they work with stocks and commodities.

But it’s the basic technology that I like most. Using blockchain, Spectre has eliminated any possibility of fraud.

Spectre is better than other brokers. Why? Because it allows users to trade from their personal cryptocoin wallets. To trade on Spectre.ai, you need an Ethereum wallet. Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

The trading platform lets you trade directly from your wallet. Yes, you can do it without depositing funds into an account. Ethereum deposits can convert into fiat currencies. This is what enables trading in major currencies.

What I recommend is to use the free demo account. Spectre is currently offering all new users a chance to try it. They even load in 100 Ethereum tokens so you can test different strategies.

Through the elimination of the broker, SPECTRE.ai improves upon the element of mistrust in financial trading, in several ways;

  • SPECTRE.ai will never require its users to deposit money in a SPECTRE.ai account. They trade from their own Blockchain based Ethereum wallet.
  • SPECTRE.ai does not take the opposite side of a trade. The counterparty to the trades is the autonomous decentralized liquidity pool. Therefore there is no conflict of interest between SPECTRE and its users.
  • All transactions are verified by the blockchain and no user intervention is possible.

For each trade that takes place on the SPECTRE.ai platform, the SPECTRE team receives a 2% technology fee on the value of the trade, while another 2% is paid out proportionally to early Pre-Launch investors.

“Unlike trading platforms out there today, SPECTRE.ai has a range of trader protection algorithms which help with emotion control, risk management, trade opportunity recognition and the ability to track one’s stats including strengths and weaknesses through time. SPECTRE.ai learns the trader’s weaknesses over time and alerts them when they are about to make a silly mistake.” – As seen in the landing page text at www.spectre.ai

SPECTRE Advantages

Honest environment

All trading on SPECTRE is done with the support of the Ethereum network and immutable Smart Contracts. This means, once the environment is set up, it can’t be altered. You will get your order executions and withdrawals 100% of the time.

Nice charting

The platform at SPECTRE is web-based and fairly intuitive. This looks like a system developed by traders, for traders.

New tools

They have created an interesting risk management system, which reminds us of the self-limitations which online gambling websites have. Additionally there are several automated signal-tracking systems, which provide traders with alerts, when technical set-ups arise.

Free Demo Account

You can use the platform without depositing a penny. The demo account allows you to familiarize yourself with their platform, understand the kinds of assets, indicators and graphical tools which are available in the platform.

No Deposit

Out of the two real money account types in the platform, the “Wallet” account, which is the fully decentralized version, allows you invest without depositing to the platform. Put simply, your investment amount will be transferred into their smart contract and, if you success with the investment, you will get the pre-determined payout directly to your wallet.

No Fraud

The Spectre.ai platform is fully integrated with Blockchain. This means, once you executed an order it cannot be reversed or modified. This ensures that the Spectre.ai team has no control over your behaviour and no chance to manipulate your entries. Furthermore, all the withdrawal requests from “Regular” wallets will be accepted within 24 hours and the “Wallet” account requests are instant. We know that other platforms may take more than 2 days to process your withdrawal requests.

Risk Management Settings

None of other platforms offer emotional control or risk management settings to minimize your risk. However, Spectre.ai concentrates on your riks and offer several risk management settings such as max percentage allocation, max open positions and max draw down per day

Pending Orders

Pending orders allow you to execute a particular investment once the price of an asset meets a certain criteria. These criteria include entry price, investment size and expiry time.

Cons of Spectre.ai:

You need experience in using Metamask wallet for decentralized investing

If you are using the “Wallet” account type or the “Regular” account type, with personal ETH wallet, you have to use Metamask wallet. It could be a totally new thing for those who do not know how to use Metamask wallet.

KYC is essential for real money accounts

Some people do not like to submit their Know Your Customer (KYC) documents to others. Spectre.ai needs to comply with these rules and regulations. Therefore, it is a must to submit KYC documents to use the platform in real money mode.

It costs extra to get higher payouts and more assets

In other platforms, you might need to have VIP status to get higher payouts and more privileges. Spectre.ai also has a similar scheme, with slight differences. You need to make those upgrades in order to enjoy more benefits from the platform.

Some words about Spectre.ai Dividen Token?

Spectre.ai held its token sale in Q4 2017 and had its public launch at the beginning of 2018. By the end of January 2018, SXDT briefly surpassed a $50 million market cap. Spectre.ai is registered in the Cayman Islands.

Holders of the Spectre.ai dividend token (SXDT) are given 2% of the company’s profits, in the form of SXDT.

How Spectre.ai Dividend Token Works

When a trader opens a trade on the Spectre.ai platform, the price of the asset they have bet on is observed by a live, verifiable price feed from several audited financial sources. The final outcome is determined when the trade ends, by comparing the price of the underlying asset upon expiration, with that of the price upon entry. If the trader loses a trade, their wallet is automatically debited for the bet amount and SPECTRE’s liquidity pool is credited. 2% of trading fees are paid directly to SPECTRE’s operational expenses while 2% is payed out as a dividend to SXDT holders. The remaining 96% of the trader’s loss goes to SPECTRE’s liquidity pool. If, on the other hand, the trader won, they receive an instant 75% ROI (return on investment) and SPECTRE’s liquidity pool is debited for that amount. As with when a trader loses a wager, a 2% operational fee is paid to SPECTRE and 2% to the SXDT holders. SXDT profits are therefore not driven just by losses but instead by overall volumes. The whole process is administrated by a smart contract built on the Ethereum blockchain and cannot be meddled with by human intervention.

Other Features of Spectre.ai:

  • Minimum $10 deposit for Regular account
  • Minimum investment size is just $1 for Regular Account
  • Wide range of assets, including major FX pairs and cryptos
  • Liquidity pool’s size is visible in real time to everyone who uses a real money account
  • The platform is created with popular indicators and charting tools
  • An economic events calendar is available within the platform
  • Analytics section allows you to get insights of your ROI, ITM rate and volume
  • Credit / debit cards, and wire transfer deposits, are accepted for most of the countries with Regular accounts
  • Direct withdrawals into bank accounts are available for European countries which support SEPA transfers
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